Serie A o美团打车红利期快速赚钱项目pen to vanishing spray

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The new Serie A refereeing designators will be named on Friday and it’s likely Domenico Messina will replace Stefano Braschi, whose mandate was completed after four years in charge.

“Therefore we could decide, if asked, to adopt it in Italian League football too.”

Video replays remain controversial, as UEFA President Michel Platini has said he is against the idea.

President of the Referees’ Association Marcello Nicchi backs the use of vanishing spray and video replays.

The World Cup in Brazil has seen innovation with the introduction of goal line technology and vanishing spray, used to keep the wall back for a free kick.

网络外围投注 “I saw what Blatter said,” noted Nicchi. “My problem with this is well known, but if the International Board give the all clear to technology, what can we do?

“We have to adapt, there 皇冠外围投注are no other alternatives.”

This isn’t the only potential revolution, as FIFA President Sepp Blatter wrote last week that he would support the introduction of video evidence during games with each team allowed two requests.

“I was wrong about the spray: I saw in the World Cup that it really does work,” said AIA President Nicchi.